Welcome to Fatimagiri English School

Fatimagiri English School (An ISO 9001:2015 Certified school) is a leading educational institution which follows the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE - Affiliation Code No. 930284) syllabus with personal inputs and activity oriented education in order that the pupils learn with flexibility and active involvement in the learning process. English is the medium of instruction. National and regional languages are given due importance. Our school sprawling with in the area of 12141 Square metre (3 Acre) of land with bulit-in area of 4391 square metre and 4100 square metre of play ground.


Towards the total development of a person by instilling Gospel values and forming responsible citizens equipped to work for the transformation of the society.


The School is interested in providing additional facilities for slow or weak learners to acquire the needed skills, if parents cooperate with the School in this regard.


Spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs, open fields, games equipment, Libraries, Art and craft workshops, playgrounds, multimedia rooms to boost the overall development of the child.


Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi, No.930284. The school has been granted affiliation for Primary to Senior Secondary Classes.


Inspired by the spirit of our Foundress that God’s love is all sufficing, We the sisters of the Apostolic Carmel aim at giving a Christian education directed to the integral development of the young.

    ·     Who are morally upright, guided by right values and courageous to stand by their convictions.
    ·     Who are socially concerned with regard to the needs of others, sacrifice themselves for them and work for the liberation of the poor and oppressed and the service of the motherland.
    ·     Who are intellectually formed to think critically, to act creatively and constructively in the various situations of life.
    ·     Who are emotionally well balanced and radiate happiness and contentment all around.

    (Filled with a sense of mission, we show preference to the under privileged specially women. We invite our staff, parents and well wishers to share this our common vision and co-operate with us in our continual efforts to challenge our students to become a powerful force for good in our institutions and in the world at large.)

Our Great Team

Faculty is the foundation of any school. We have fostered a highly professional, qualified and collaborative teaching culture that enhances the student’s performance. The teachers love the children and enjoy teaching them. They are trained to reduce the gap of communication with the students for effective learning. The students can find a friend and mentor in their facilitators.

Sr. Sherly Joseph


Sr. Anice V.V

Superior & Manager

Sr. Sinee John

Vice Principal